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OIL AND GAS LAW - Petroleum, Oil & Gas Lawyers in Nigeria


Resolution Law Firm engages in advising on all aspects of Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria. The firm also engages in obtaining necessary accreditation and licensing from Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Department of Petroleum Resources for our clients.

Our Oil & Gas law practice encapsulates the 3 streams of Oil & Gas business which are i) Upstream ii) Midstream and (iii) Downstream.

Either the business of our clients is in Exploration and Production (E&P), or producing, storing and marketing of produced oil & gas or marketing and distribution of refined products, we can offer important advices; reviewing and drafting of any necessary contracts; and also interfacing with regulatory authorities to obtain necessary permits.

Specific Oil & Gas Law Areas we specialize in:

  • Exploration & Production of Oil & Gas.
  • Joint Ventures
  • Joint Operating Agreement
  • Gathering and Processing of crude oil.
  • Production Sharing Contracts
  • Transporting & marketing of produced crude oil.
  • Refining of crude oil.
  • Importation and selling of refined petroleum products.
  • Distribution of natural gas and other products derived from crude oil

Our Services

  • Preparation and negotiation of  Oil & Gas industry agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing of various Oil & Gas contracts
  • Interfacing with regulatory authorities in obtaining accreditation and permits
  • Arbitration and negotiation on behalf of clients
  • Litigation and representation before Court or tribunals
  • Advising on relevant provisions of Oil & Gas statutes and regulations concerning environmental, tax, employment and administrative law

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