Real Estate Law Lawyer in Nigeria- Property Lawyers in Lagos

At Resolution Law Firm, our lawyers have requisite knowledge and experience in all aspects of Real Estate Law. We frequently advise various companies concerning property development. We also handle property transactions for a wide range of individuals.

Whether you are acquiring a home or commercial property or land for the first time or you are an experienced properties’ buyer, it is very important for you to seek legal opinions on such transaction so you would not end up buying a bundle of litigation. To this end, our lawyers will be able to put you through and advise whether the proposed property you are contemplating to purchase is not and might not be subject in future to any form of government's acquisition, adversarial claim or dispute. We are the best Real Estate Law Firms in Nigeria

Our Property Lawyers in Lagos work at every part of Lagos State and other neighbouring States.

Our real estate practice covers various aspects, including:

  • Acquisition and sale of property
  • Property conveyancing and agreement
  • Commercial property transaction
  • Property's development
  • Leashold and tenancy agreement
  • Search and due diligence on property
  • Perfection and Registration of Title
  • Estates management
  • Recovery of Premises
  • Joint venture
  • Property finance and mortgages

Our Services:

  • Conducting search and due diligence on properties on behalf of clients
  • Advising on property finance and mortgages
  • Reviewing and drafting of deeds of assignment, leases, and tenancy agreement
  • Management of estate including recovery of premises
  • Perfection and registration of title at land registry
  • Advising on property acquisition for development
  • Advising and litigating in all property related matters

For consultation with a Real Estate Lawyer, contact:

TEL: +2348099223322


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