Trademark And Intellectual Property Law

Resolution Law Firm is an accredited Trademark & Patent Agent in Nigeria.

The Firm has successfully filed numerous numbers of trademark and patent for both domestic and foreign clients in Nigeria

We also offer general advisory on all matters related to regulation, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Nigeria

Resolution Law Firm engages in the aspect of intellectual property law practice with aims of helping inventors and companies safeguarding their intellectual property rights.

Our copyright lawyer in Nigeria assist clients to register and protect their music both in Nigeria and across the world.

Resolution Law Firm's patent lawyers in Nigeria assist inventors on necessary patent registration and advisory in Nigeria

We maintain competent trademark lawyers assisting clients for trademark registration in NigeriaThe Firm is able to fully assist clients specifically on matters related to protection of trademark, patent and copyrights in Nigeria

Our lawyers are experienced in this vital commercial area of law and constantly delivering efficient and swift services to our numerous clients.

Specific Intellectual Property Law Areas we specialize in:

  • Trademark
  • Patent application
  • Copyrights
  • Trademark, copyright and patent related litigation and dispute resolution

  • Our Services:

    • Reviewing and drafting all legal documents related to intellectual property
    • Drafting of Transfer and Assignment Agreement, which enable a trademark owner to transfer the rights and ownership
    • Conducting search for availability of trademark
    • Filing of trademark applications
    • Filing of patent applications
    • Processing PCT patent applications in Nigeria
    • Copyright and Music registration in Nigerian
    • Representing clients in trademark, patent and copyright related dispute and litigation
    • Registering and licensing of technology transfer agreements

    Resolution Law Firm is a licensed Trademark and Patent Agent with extremely high record of successful work done. The firm can be contacted via the below details

    TEL: +2348099223322; EMAIL:

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