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Family Law - Divorce & Family Lawyers in Lagos

Our Family law department has expertise in all aspects of Family Law, which includes matrimonial causes; trust administration; administration of estate among others.

Our lawyers appreciate the fact that family issues could be emotional because the issue of personal concerns and infants are being discussed. Therefore, we provide a sympathetic and practical environment in which our client can discuss the problems facing them and how we can help them obtain best result for themselves and children.

Specific Family Law Areas we specialize in:

  • Matrimonial causes, which includes divorce, legal separation and annulment of marriage
  • Trust Administration, Gifts and Will
  • Divorce settlement in Nigeria, Alimony, Maintenance and custody of a child,
  • Administration of Estate
  • Pre-nuptial agreement
  • Litigation in Estates

Our Services:

Drafting and reviewing of Wills.

Drafting and reviewing of deed of gift.

Advising and drafting of pre-nuptial agreements

Instituting an action for restoration of conjugal right

Instituting and defending divorce's action and settlement of matrimonial assets and property

Administration of Estates which includes Estate Planning and Drafting of Wills, Obtaining Probate and Letter of Administration.

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