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Alphon House, N0 50/52,Toyin Street 100001 Ikeja, Lagos
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Lawyers in Lagos Nigeria – Passion For Service!

Resolution Law Firm was founded by a group of passionate, hardworking and honest lawyers committed to the excellent delivery of legal services in Nigeria.

Every individual or corporation knows the importance oh quality legal services both in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. Lawyers that are extremely hardworking and committed to their goals will definitely able to negotiate a better bargain for a client, either in transaction roundtable or arbitration or courtroom. Our lawyers are driven by their passion for legal services and they are always after the best and fair deal in every bargaining.

Resolution Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in Nigeria. Although international law firms are not permitted to open legal services under Nigerian law, resolution law firm has severally assisted in several international and cross-border transactions for several international individuals and foreign corporations. Our law firm in Nigeria has been mentioned in different foreign news channels, which include CBS and ABC news.

Resolution law firm has represented several individuals and corporations across Nigeria, both in large and small legal matters. We are recognized as one of the top law firms and lawyers in Lagos Nigeria by several other lawyers in Lagos and by lawyers in Nigeria at large. We are one of the top law firms in West Africa, assisting local and businesses through various legal requirements from Nigeria.

The law firm, which is ranked among the top law firms in Nigeria has a standard of deploying a minimum of two experienced lawyers to review every legal matters and transaction. Best Nigeria firm in quality legal service.

We Specialize in  Corporate & Commercial (including company secretarial duties and advising companies on compliance and regulations), Shipping & Maritime, (including ship broking, maritime claim & lien, ship arrests and releases), Oil & Gas Law (including upstream, midstream and downstream)Energy & Power (including power generation, transmission and distribution), Banking and Finance Law (including foreign investment), Immigration Law (including Nigerian expatriate quotas, resident permit & general immigration advisory) Employment & Labour Law (including wrongful termination and employee compensation), Real Estate Law(including renting & leasing, sale and commercial property development), Family Law (including divorce, legal separation, alimony, child custody, Will and Probate), Debt Recovery & Debt Restructuring (including debt recovery action) Trademark and Intellectual Property Law(including copyrights, patents and trademarks), Personal Injury Law(including employees compensation, medical negligence & malpractices), Sports and Entertainment Law (including music registration & licensing, brand protection and sponsorship & endorsement ), Litigation, Arbitration & Disputes Resolution and Human Rights and Criminal Defense.

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